Bob Adler
President and CEO

Bob has over twenty years of experience in news and remote broadcasting, including a bachelors degree in Radio-Television Broadcasting from California State University, Northridge. Prior to going independent, Bob worked for KTTV Fox11 in Los Angeles, making him no stranger to live television. As a staff remote engineer, video tape editor and photographer, he knows first hand what the needs are of live broadcasting.
Bill Robison
Director of Engineering

A consummate professional, Bill brings over thirty years of live television expertise including an extensive knowledge of digital & high definition Satellite television broadcasting, Internet streaming and television production techniques from design through construction and operation. As a director of engineering, Bill is determined to build teams with fellow employees and with you the client, and to do everything possible to make sure that the industry recognizes CSI as the best in the business.
Annette Adler
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Annette's responsibilities include advertising, marketing, creative services, tradeshow coordination and graphic arts. Her main function, however, is keeping Bob in line. Annette is also in charge of developing the future management of Coastal Media Group (Troy and Trent Adler, VPs of Parental Operations).
Dan Neiman
Account Executive, Business Development

Dan is the latest addition to the Coastal Media Group team. With a strong, varied background in Sales and Marketing in the Entertainment Industry, Dan will continue our tradition of superior customer relations. By providing a single point of contact and individualized attention for our valued customers Dan will enhance our clients experience ensuring success for both company and client.
Staff & Crew
Full time and Freelance

In addition to our in-house staff, Coastal Media Group takes pride in employing only the best, most experienced camera-persons, audio technicians, make-up artists and field producers... when you hire a crew from us, you only get the best!