That’s why when Live Earth needed Event Management and Global Transmission Architecture for their internationally televised 24-hour concert event, utilizing HD video from ten venues spanning the globe, they called Coastal Media Group to make it happen.
We are able to meet your needs by providing seasoned onsite management, field producers, ENG camera crews, satellite time, conditional access, worldwide distribution as well tape play-out facilities in our conveniently located state-of-the art Los Angeles and San Diego studios.
Our professional service, customized to your needs, is unparalleled in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned television veteran or a novice on your first assignment, from conception though execution, we will assist in making your project a reality and ensure that the very best and most cost effective solutions are used to make your live event, whether satellite transmission or fiber distribution come off without a flaw. Coastal Media Group has performed countless live broadcast events for sports, entertainment and corporate leaders around the globe. Our formula isn't unique: personal service and uncompromising technical expertise. Our persistent drive to make each transmission a complete success is what sets us apart, making Coastal Media Group the best choice in transmission facilities coordination for your event.
Live broadcasting is like assembling a puzzle. One missing piece can ruin the whole picture. Single or Multi-camera, your event demands a company you can trust.
We provide everything you need for your project. Here are some of the Event Management services we provide:
  • Transmission management with on-site technical service
  • On-site HD support for both fiber and satellite
  • Complete integration, continuity and coordination of facilities
  • 24 hour a day, 7 day a week project assistance
  • Personalized budgets
  • Broadcast transmission coordination
  • Single to multi-camera video production coordination
  • Studio production in Analog, Digital and/or HD
  • Transportable satellite transmission & receive coordination in Analog, Digital and/or HD
  • Transmission encryption
  • Temporary receive location decoder distribution & coordination
  • Worldwide satellite space segment
  • Worldwide fiber optic distribution
  • Complete transmission plans
  • Live streaming web casting
  • Thoroughly documented transmission overviews
  • Remote insert packages
  • Location services
  • Temporary on-site and remote telecommunications including telephones, cell phones, radios, ISDN, and switches
    Web Information Management Services, providing a single point of reference and repository of information
  • Event logistics including catering, transportation, make-up, flowers, etc.