Coastal Media Group's flyaway system makes live reporting and broadcasting possible from anywhere in the world
– adding a new immediacy to your coverage.

Requiring less space and power, flyaway units are essentially the same technology and equipment as the vehicle-mounted satellite units but installed into rugged, shippable waterproof cases that can travel on commercial airlines.
CMG’s flyaway is designed to be transported to anywhere you need broadcast quality transmission. We’ll pack a flyaway system to your specifications and be ready to broadcast within hours of arrival at your destination.
CMG’s flyaway can transmit C-band or Ku band in digital or analog and uses Tiernan or Tandberg encoders (4:2:0 and 4:2:2). Our 2.4 meter Vertex antenna, can feed multiple, simultaneous transmissions in various formats including HD, SD, PAL, NTSC or whatever you require.