This recently remodeled KU truck is Dual Path Digital and Analog. Scroll down or use the links below for a complete listing of the equipment in this truck.

Monitors and Monitoring
Qty Equipment/Hardware Description Qty Equipment/Hardware Description
2 25" HD monitors 1 Mackie 16/4 VLZ PRO Audio Board
1 Avitech 4x multiviewr 1 Crown Audio Amplifier
1 DATAVIDEO VS-100 WAVEFORM / VECTORSCOPE 1 Dorrough Loudness Meters
1 Sigma TSG490 Test Signal Generator 2 Hand Microphones
2 AJA FS1 2 Lav Microphones
1 16x16 Nvision CR1616-HD 4 Mic to Line Amplifiers
1 Nvision CP1616 1 Ward-Beck AMS-81
1 DirectTV DSS System
Cable, Power and More
RF Equipment Qty Equipment/Hardward Description
Qty  Equipment/Hardware Description 1500' 2 Video/4 Audio Cable
1 AVC MSA-4570C LCD Spectrum Analyzer 500' AC Electrical Cords
1 2.4 Meter Vertex Antenna 100'  Shore Power
1 Duel path polarity agile KU Transmitters
2 Xicom XTRD 400K Amplifiers Communications
2 Tirnan HE4000 Purecoder  Qty Equipment/Hardware Description
2 Adtec Media Hub Mpeg 4 Encoder 3 Cell Phones
1 Tandberg RX1290 1 Fuller Integrator 1000 2 channel IFB
1 Adtec RD-60 2 2-Channel RTS Programmable user Station, Belt Pack
1 Teloslink
FREE Wireless Internet Accesss
1 Comtex wireless IFB
4 RTS PL's
4 IFB's
Please Note: Actual equipment may not be pictured as above and is subject to change without notice. Please contact Coastal Media Group to confirm current inventory before booking your event and/or consult with your Coastal Media Group Account Executive regarding current or per-event specifications. Conditions apply for cancellations and changes to bookings. Coastal Media Group reserves the right to substitute equipment and services and to make alterations to the booking which do not constitute a major change and are beyond the control of Coastal Media Group All terms and conditions are subject to change at any time with or without notice in Coastal Media Group's sole discretion.
Truck Two, KU - SNG
Truck Two Equipment List