Coastal Media Group in conjunction with Quick Spot offers a cost effective solution and bandwidth on demand for HD/SD satellite transmission.
With a price point less than half of a traditional satellite SNG truck Coastal Media Group new IP Satellite Unit 5 gives you the power to transmit and receive media via a comprehensive package of transmission equipment in a compact footprint, getting you on air faster with more features and more flexibility while costing you less time, less money and less manpower.
Unit Five IP Satellite
High bandwidth uplinks from 512 Kbps to 9.9 Mbps.
HD or SD compatible MPEG-4 Fujitsu video encoders.
Delivery to the The LA & NY Switch.
Perfect for News, Sports and Special Events.
Remote satellite Internet access including Wi-Fi.
IFB compatible dial in and out phone lines.
Venue to CDN delivery - encode for the web directly onsite.
Coastal Media Group’s Unit 5 comes with communications gear, including integrated phone and fax lines that’s perfect for news gathering and streaming web content.